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Sacramento Criminal Lawyer

Aggressive Defense for the Criminally Accused in Sacramento, CA Getting caught in the criminal justice system in California is both frightening and dangerous; a conviction can lead to heavy punishments, including jail or prison time. If you are accused of a crime, it is crucial that you act at once and get in contact with Wise Law Group, PC. Attorney Michael Wise is a former district attorney with a deep insight into the justice system and how to navigate and negotiate on behalf of his clients. The outcome of criminal charges will be impacted significantly by the quality of the Sacramento criminal lawyer defending you. Attorney Wise has represented clients in over 100 jury trials is a former police academy instructor.

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The firm represents clients in all types of criminal charges and will professionally address every aspect of the criminal accusation from the trial process through to the post trial process. He can assist you to aggressively defend against charges related to DUI, all types of drug crimes, financial crimes and more. No matter the exact criminal charges that you are facing, the firm has the experience that is crucial if you are hoping to reduce the damage to your life, your reputation, and your freedom.

Mr. Wise also defends those who are accused of all types of weapon charges, including those that involve the ATF. In cases of criminal accusations of homicide, there could not be a more serious situation. Immediate defense actions should be taken on your behalf to seek out any possible advantage and to determine the best defense to employ. The firm also represents individuals facing charges in all types of sex crimes, including but not limited to solicitation, prostitution, child pornography, and rape.

Sacramento Criminal Lawyer for Aggressive DUI Defense

One of the more common types of charges faced by people in Sacramento is drunk driving. DUI stands for driving under the influence and you can be charged with this offense if your blood alcohol content was over 0.08% while you were driving. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, your first step should be to get in touch with a member of our team at Wise Law Group, PC. We could examine the evidence the prosecution thinks they have against you and try to get it dismissed from court. Although breath tests and field sobriety tests are for the most part accurate, mistakes can occur.

The firm gets many referrals from officers and staff in the courts who see hundreds of attorneys practice criminal law, and refer their family members after observing Mr. Wise's practice in the courthouse. It is advised that you contact his firm at once if you are facing criminal charges. Choose a law firm that has the experience and results necessary in these serious cases. Contact a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer from our firm to learn more!

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