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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, also known as the ATF is the federal organization at the frontline against violent crimes. Although you may not be familiar with all the ways the ATF monitors, tracks and works to remove illegal weapons from circulation, they have a variety of programs and actions in place to do just that.

The ATF fully understands the impact firearms and other weapons play in the commission of drug crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence and other violent crimes. That is why they are taking an active role in pursuing an integrated strategy to regulate and enforce laws concerning the possession and use of firearms.

One of the top priorities of the ATF focuses on first time and repeat offenders of violent crimes; career criminals, drug traffickers, gangs, as well as domestic and international arms traffickers. Dangerous criminals armed with firearms can expect to be facing heavy sentences including fine and significant jail time when they are charged and convicted.

The ATF also works closely with state and local officials to educate them and increase the awareness of the federal prosecution options available for individual facing weapon charges. If you or a loved one is under investigation for violent crimes, including those committed with a deadly weapon, you need to seek immediate counsel from a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer at Wise Law Group, PC.

Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

Even when you have been charged with a federal crime, you do have rights. It is important to protect those rights by securing an attorney experienced with both state and federal laws. Michael Wise not only has the knowledge required to be able to represent you, but he has the experience and familiarity with federal regulations to give you the representation you deserve.

Mr. Wise has been practicing law for almost two decades and has an extensive background in criminal law, at both the state and federal level. Prior to him becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Wise spent 10 years as a prosecutor. His work with the prosecution and courts, gives his clients an advantage others do not have. He is highly respected by the courts he practices in and with the District Attorneys he goes up against in criminal defense cases. If you are facing federal weapon charges brought about by the ATF or another federal agency, you need to contact an attorney at the firm today.

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I’m a proud client of Wise Law Group, Good people very helpful.

Gettem B.

Thank you Mr. Wise for taking my case. When the jury read the words ‘Not Guilty,’ I was given the chance to get my life back.


My name is J.M. and as a police officer, I was shocked and appalled when I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. Mike Wise got the case thrown out of court and even got the judge to declare me factually innocent. Cops know who the good attorneys are. When I was falsely accused of a crime...


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