Obtaining a Criminal Pardon in Sacramento

How Is It Done?

When a person has committed a crime or been convicted of a crime, granting them a pardon is considered as an act of clemency. A pardon forgives the individual of the crime they were convicted of and restores their rights. At the federal level, a pardon can be granted by the President of the United States and at the state level, either a governor or pardon board may grant a pardon.

A pardon can be a full pardon or a conditional pardon. A full pardon gives an individual a new lease on life, as it restores all their rights and civil liberties to the levels they enjoyed prior to their conviction. A full pardon restores a person’s innocence, just as if they had never committed a crime in the first place. It should be noted, however, that unlike expungements, a pardon does not dismiss the conviction from your criminal record. You are still obligated to tell potential employers about your conviction and subsequent pardon.

Pardons are rarely granted. Of the thousands of petitions received requesting Presidential pardons, less than 10 pardons have been granted. In the state of California, even less. So if you or a loved one is seeking to get a pardon in order to clean up your criminal record, you need representation from an experienced Sacramento criminal defense lawyer at Wise Law Group, PC. Michael Wise and the attorneys at the firm have extensive experience with criminal law cases and will be able to review your circumstances, obtain a Certification of Rehabilitation (if so required), and help you prepare your pardon application.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Sacramento

A pardon can significantly improve your life by restoring your personal rights and limiting negative classifications that can affect employment and other professional endeavors. Since pardons are difficult to obtain, much more difficult than expungements, it is critical that you have a knowledgeable attorney giving you the guidance and representation you need.

Michael Wise has been in practice for almost 20 years and is considered as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the Sacramento area. He has a solidly earned reputation as a criminal law litigator and has earned the respect of courts and District Attorneys alike. He has an extensive background in criminal law, and as a former prosecutor, he brings an advantage to his clients which most other attorneys do not have.

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I’m a proud client of Wise Law Group, Good people very helpful.

Gettem B.

Thank you Mr. Wise for taking my case. When the jury read the words ‘Not Guilty,’ I was given the chance to get my life back.


My name is J.M. and as a police officer, I was shocked and appalled when I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. Mike Wise got the case thrown out of court and even got the judge to declare me factually innocent. Cops know who the good attorneys are. When I was falsely accused of a crime...


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