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Facing criminal charges is a burden for any individual to carry, because not only do they have to worry about the consequences if they are convicted, but it also adds to the stress of how they are going to fight their charges as a whole. Depending on the charges a person is facing here in California, the consequences may vary from heavy fines to probation, community service, and possibly even jail time as well. Many individuals often fear that when accused of a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney will drain them of everything they have financially, and yet in many cases they are unable to produce the proper defense.

Criminal charges are a serious matter, and here at the Wise Law Group, PC, we are committed to our Sacramento community to offer the experience and expertise needed when dealing with a criminal offense. We care about the people, and we know how hard charges like this may be on a person’s life, and how it will affect their future if they are convicted. Click here to watch a brief video about our firm and to hear more about our hope to help our community:

Michael J. Wise founded this firm so that he could help those who are in need of a strong and experienced defense attorney in the area. Before choosing to become a criminal defense attorney, Wise spent years as a district attorney giving him not only the experience but also the knowledge of the legal system that is invaluable as he defends people in court. Receiving the opportunity to work on both sides of the playing field allows an attorney to have a better overall understanding of how the justice system works. Having had once prosecuted criminals, as a defense attorney now, he is now prepared to bring an even stronger defense to the jury.

Wise Law Group, PC has been privileged to help numerous clients who have felt as though there was no hope for them because the charges we so great. Yet with a lot of hard work, determination and technique we have been able to help these clients walk away as free people yet again. Clients have graciously shared their gratitude for our team. For example one man a few years ago was looking at jail time if he were to be accused of his charges, and our firm was able to have the charges completely dropped. Others show their appreciation for having their life given back to them. For more testimonials from our clients click here.

In his time, Wise has gone before over a hundred jury trials, allowing him to have had the chance to walk through a variety of different criminal situations. In the legal world, knowledge and training is extremely beneficial, though hands on experience is what makes a person a skilled attorney. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, his firm handles a wide variety of cases, such as: drug crimes, domestic violence, financial crimes, sex crimes, weapons charges, DUI charges, appeals and many more.

Today, DUI arrests are becoming more and more common because not just individual states, but the entire country as a whole, is trying to crack down on those who drink and drive. Around the holidays more DUI checkpoints are being established, officers are on the prowl, and as a result more in individuals are arrested, and sometimes even if they weren’t drunk. When accused of a DUI, it is important to contact a trusted DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. In the state of California, there is a small window of opportunity for challenging your charges, and with the help of an attorney we will find whatever we can to represent your case. There are many ways we can challenge these charges, for example, finding an error in the sobriety tests, or the officer failing to read you your Miranda rights, lack of probable cause, etc.

Financial crimes are another area that we have been able to help clients with, and even though these crimes don’t generally inflict physical injury, they tend to hit people where it really hurts, their wallets. Many people categorize financial crimes as white collar crimes, and it is important to know that many times these are not just one man jobs, there have been entire businesses accused of finical crimes also. Our firm wants to help those who have been accused of a white collar crime, either seeking dropped charges or a reduced sentencing.

As with handling any form of criminal charges, it is important for all possible clients to realize that we can never make a guarantee for the outcome of your trial. What we can do is promise we will try our best to help the people. Wise Law Group, PC is known not only for our experience and successful cases, but also for our commitment to helping those here in Sacramento. When handling any criminal case, thorough investigation is required, and because of that our firm has a full time investigator on staff to asset in our cases. Having had prior police experience as an investigator, he knows what is important when seeking to prove a client as innocent. Wise Law Firm is dedicated to the people, and as a family man himself, Wise wants his clients to know that he will do whatever is needed to help them for their sake and the sake of their family.

Consider following our firm on Facebook for updates of valuable information regarding criminal law and recent cases, while it may not pertain to your situation now, they may be useful come the future. Wise Law Group, PC is located at 428 J Street Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95814; Call us today at 916.498.9473 to set up your free case evaluation. We want our potential clients to know that not only is the consultation free, but there is also no obligation required. We want you to feel comfortable before deciding on an attorney. The case evaluation will give us a chance to discuss your unique situation, come up with a possible plan of action, and then you are given the opportunity to go forward with us or not.

At Wise Law Firm, we care about the people that walk through our doors, we understand that people may be accused with a variety of crimes and we want you to know that wherever the accusation may be, we will do whatever we can to fight for you! Contact us today to begin the process!

Client Reviews

I’m a proud client of Wise Law Group, Good people very helpful.

Gettem B.

Thank you Mr. Wise for taking my case. When the jury read the words ‘Not Guilty,’ I was given the chance to get my life back.


My name is J.M. and as a police officer, I was shocked and appalled when I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. Mike Wise got the case thrown out of court and even got the judge to declare me factually innocent. Cops know who the good attorneys are. When I was falsely accused of a crime...


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