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Public Indecency in Sacramento

About Sex Crimes

Public indecency or indecent exposure is a charge law enforcement levels against individuals who intentionally expose his or her private parts in public. While public indecency may not seem like a big deal, the repercussions of a conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. The penalties include a maximum fine of up to $1,000 and jail time up to 6 months. An indecency conviction will also result in lifetime sex offender registration. As a registered sex offender it will be much more difficult to find a good job, be approved for housing, and get bank loans or other forms of financial assistance. If you have been arrested or charged with public indecency it is very important to speak with a Sacramento criminal defense attorney immediately.

No matter what the circumstances of your offense may have been, sex offender registration is mandatory. It’s important to understand that most professional associations discipline any associates convicted of a sex offense that requires sex offender registration. This can be especially hard on doctors and other medical professionals who may lose his or her license if convicted. In order to fight the decidedly negative consequences of a public indecency conviction it is essential that you hire a defense attorney with proven experience successfully representing clients in these types of cases.

Legally Challenge Your Indecent Exposure Charges

The attorneys at Wise Law Group, PC have years of experience handling cases of this nature. Public indecency cases generally revolve around the matter of an individual’s intent. In order for a prosecutor to secure a conviction, he or she must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to expose yourself for the purposes of drawing attention to your genitals or other offensive areas.

In some cases such as sunbathing in the nude or urinating publicly, you may not have intended to expose yourself to other people in an offensive way. A skilled attorney can negotiate on your behalf to have your charges dropped or reduced so that you will not have to face sex offender registration. Contact a Sacramento criminal lawyer if you stand accused of indecent exposure.

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My name is J.M. and as a police officer, I was shocked and appalled when I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. Mike Wise got the case thrown out of court and even got the judge to declare me factually innocent. Cops know who the good attorneys are. When I was falsely accused of a crime...


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