Intent to Sell

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Often charged in association with possession, intent to sell is a drug crime that an individual may be arrested for if found to be in possession of an illegal substance, as well as in possession of certain key items that may be related to selling drugs such as a scale, baggies and others. The penalties for intent to sale will vary not only according to the type and quantity of drug, but also according to the capabilities of your Sacramento criminal defense attorney.

Understanding Intent to Sell Charges in California

One of the most troubling things about intent to sell charges is the fact that law enforcement does not need to actually observe the selling of drugs, but instead only the intent to sell the controlled substance in the case. This means that in the event of intent to sale charges, only the intent needs to be proven, and not the sale. Proving intent can be challenging for even the most ambitious prosecutor, especially when law enforcement has made mistakes in the collection of evidence or other procedural issues which may render certain evidence inadmissible, or create other obstacles for legal prosecution. These are excellent opportunities for experienced legal professionals who know how to use them for a stronger defense.

Intent to sell is often charged alongside other drug crimes including possession, and multiple charges can add up to lengthy prison sentences and serious financial penalties for those who are found guilty. At Wise Law Group, PC, we believe your best defense is one that can put the prosecution back on its heels. Our firm will work closely with you to learn as much as possible about both you and the crime, and can use this information to help build a comprehensive case that may be your best chance for a favorable outcome. We strongly support your right to a fair trial, and we will fight hard to see that you get all that and more. Contact Wise Law Group, PC to learn more about the legal defenses available to you.

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