Drug Manufacturing

Sacramento Drug Crime Attorney Explains Your Charges

Drug manufacturing is one of the most serious charges that resides within the drug crime family, and occurs when an individual cultivates through natural means or manufactures through artificial means an illegal drug such as marijuana, crack, methamphetamine and others. Drug manufacturing is a top area of concern for law enforcement agencies who seek to discourage the spread of drugs by eliminating the sources of distribution and manufacturing alike.

Although there is no lack of motivation concerning law enforcement and prosecution in cases of drug manufacturing, successful conviction is easier said than done. An experienced Sacramento criminal defense attorney who is familiar with defending drug crimes in court can be of vital importance to any drug manufacturing case, and entering into criminal proceedings without a trusted, skilled lawyer is likely the equivalent of giving in.

While it may be thought that drug crimes are mostly open-and-shut cases that require little need for skilled defense representation, this could not be further from the truth. In many cases, various authorities and officials who play a role in the investigation, arrest and prosecution of an accused offender may commit procedural errors such as in evidence collection that may lead to vital evidence being inadmissible. This may be an unfortunate scenario for the system, but along with an organized defense with sound representation, it provides a distinct opportunity for some clients to find a smoother-than-anticipated success, and complete elimination of charges in some cases.

Strong Defense for Your Case

Wise Law Group, PC understands your need for one of the best sources of legal representation in California, especially in cases concerning drug crimes such as manufacturing. It is important to know exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law, and our firm can quickly estimate your penalties depending on the type of drug, quantity of drug and your prior history.

Our top priority is to do everything possible to provide clients with a confident, aggressive and high quality defense, and the best opportunity for a favorable outcome in court. We can aggressively pursue your freedom in any drug crime, and we will continue to work hard to speak as dedicated advocates to our clients in even when your case may appear hopeless.

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I’m a proud client of Wise Law Group, Good people very helpful.

Gettem B.

Thank you Mr. Wise for taking my case. When the jury read the words ‘Not Guilty,’ I was given the chance to get my life back.


My name is J.M. and as a police officer, I was shocked and appalled when I was falsely charged with crimes I did not commit. Mike Wise got the case thrown out of court and even got the judge to declare me factually innocent. Cops know who the good attorneys are. When I was falsely accused of a crime...


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